Products WL-FILROT
  WL-FILROT Technical Details
The semi-automatic filter for drinking water filtration is the result of the experience gained in the field of water treatment and entirely made with the best technologies and the best materials currently available.
The importance that a correct and effective water filtration plays (Legislative Decree 31/01), for the proper functioning of a domestic system and its components, is now a given for designers, installers and plant owners .

  Instruction for Use
Activating the washing knob activates the rotation of the internal filtration system that will be completely brushed on its surface. At each cleaning maneuver the dirt accumulated on the cartridge and inside the glass will be discharged. This system will therefore not present the problem of replacing the filtering cartridge or cleaning it, with considerable economic and practical advantages.
Code Contents U.M. Qt. pz/pallet
WLFILROT903/4 90 mcr, threads F 3/4" n. 4
WLFILROT9001 90 mcr, threads F 1" n. 4
WLFILROT9011/4 90 mcr, threads F 1"1/4 n. 4