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Eco-friendly stain and graffiti remover, eliminates all kinds of ink and paint. 100% biodegradable due to its plant solvent-based formula, free of chemicals that are harmful to the environment such as chlorinated or oil-based solvents. It easily removes spray paint, ink, car paint and special paints. Widely used in many fields such as coil coatings, coating and varnishing industry, printing ink industry, resins industry, industrial cleaning equipment, etc.

  Mode de Uso

Spray the product with the appropriate nozzle directly onto the surface to be cleaned or use a cloth or a sponge. Then wipe and rinse. In case of stubborn paint and/or glue, leave the product on for a few minutes and, if necessary, repeat the operation.

Código Artículo Contenido U.M. Qt. pz/pallet
BIOCL0750 Bottle + sprayer 750 ml n. 6 384