Facot Chemicals applies its continues commitment, knowing that the industrial activities carried out in its own operating areas, create a consumption of natural resources and impacts on the external environment and work environment, and adopted for this purpose, the present "declaration "Environmental Policy to express their commitment towards the improvement of all aspects related to the health, safety and quality of the people of the environment.

It is everyone's responsibility to operate safely in respect to the environment, through:

· The application of specific laws, European standards of reference for the system of corporate management and corporate standards.
· Ensure the prevention of pollution and accidents.
· Ensure the continuous improvement through effective participation in all business process

All the corporate resources are involved in the commitment to:

· Comply with the requirements and the legislative requirements applicable to the countries in which the Company operates, in the Health, Safety and Environment.
· Evaluate in advance and reduce as far as possible, the impacts associated with new products and processes.
· Prevent pollution and avoid or reduce use of hazardous substances.
· Reduce consumption of energy and resources, promoting the reuse and recycling.
· Reduce waste generation, emissions, discharges and losses.
· Ensuring the protection of its employees, contractors and the public with an integrated approach that includes adequate information, training, safety, health protection and organization of work on aspects of Safety, Health and environment

To continually improve its environmental performance Facot Chemicals:

· Sets targets for improvement;
· Schedule necessary activities, and their improvement;
· Establishes a programme that provides for clear targets for the gradual achievement of the expected improvement;
· Performs scheduled tasks, in a controlled manner and make available adequate resources;
· Rescan the program and the progress of the Environmental Management System and define any changes

Capralba, 17th October 2011
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